Visiting Top Floor Studios

I do quite some work with/at Gothenburg based Top Floor Studios, located inside Stora Teatern (“the big theatre”) – built in the 1850s and one of Gothenburg’s trademark buildings. The studio was designed and built by renowned studio architects Claes and Ingemar Olsson and the design includes floating floors, double doors, high ceilings, natural daylight and a smart climate system that ensures a perfect working environment.

Defined by a controlled yet lively sound, the recording room is designed for recording a variety of music styles and instruments. 48 input channels are wall mounted around the room, together with dedicated guitar amp/cab connections, and eight ethernet outputs for the Aviom personal monitoring systems, making this room suitable for all sorts of recording.

Zappa - the real manager

Zappa – the real manager

Upstairs from the regular studio lies the big theatre stage. 40 microphone channels go straight down to the control room, together with 4 ethernet outputs for the Aviom systems, transforming the stage into Gothenburg’s biggest studio connected recording room. Highly suitable for grand piano, choirs, brass or strings. Main engineer Jakob Herrmann works within a lot of different music styles, and has earned a reputation for drum recordings.

Jakob has worked as engineer and drum tech on a large number of albums, and has provided material for software companies and audio plugin manufacturers, including Softube,     Centipeak´s Drum Experience, and Addictive Drums by XLN Audio.

The client list for Top Floor Studios, and for Jakob Herrmann as recording engineer or drum tech, includes artists and musicians such as Europe, Hurts, Machine Head, Raised Fist, Hardcore Superstar, Evergrey, Mikael Wiehe, The Resistance, Jamey Jasta (Hatebreed), Body Count, Engel, Jesper Strömblad, Mustasch, Freak Kitchen, Draconian, H.E.A.T, Avatar, Ammotrack and BatAAr. The list also features many new and exciting up-and-coming artists and bands.

The studio’s employers and other various album collaborators also include producers and mixing engineers such as Roberto Laghi, Tobias Lindell, Joe Barresi, Jens Bogren, Jacob Hansen, Tue Madsen, Forrester Savell, Jonas Quant, Ryan Kelly and Steve Lagudi.

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