Visiting José González in his studio

In mid February José González released the album Vestiges & Claws and I had the honour meeting up with him at Svenska Grammofonstudion in Gothenburg. In his small studio, which he shares with electronic music producer Christoffer Berg, he guided me through the recording and production process of his brand new album. A very fundamental difference was that he did it almost entirely on his own and was also totally computer based this time.

Photographer: Fredrik Wik

Photographer: Fredrik Wik

González uses a portable rig with a MacBook Pro, running Apple Logic Pro, and a Universal Audio Apollo Quad interface . All effects on the album were UAD- and/or AU-plugins and the most frequently used microphones were a Neumann U 67 and an AKG 414.



During our conversation the artist gave a full in-depth view of his setup, along with mixing and routing tricks, but also non tech things like his song writing methods and how to balance album tracks of different characteristics.  A long five page feature in Swedish is available in the April issue of Musikermagasinet but I am currently looking into different options to get this translated into English. I am convinced that quite a few, outside of Sweden, might be interested in reading about the working procedures of José González.


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