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Steinberg VST Connect Pro 3 – review project started

A few days ago I started out testing Steinberg’s brand new version of their remote recording solution: VST Connect Pro 3.

41006646_HALion4_Slip_GBDF.fh11Since an SE version was delivered along with the installation of Cubase Pro 8 one might be a bit curious about what the actual differences are so, here’s a list of all the stuff that the Pro version supports but not the SE:
1: Multi-channel support, up to 16 tracks (SE is 1 stereo only)
2: LAN support
3: Downstream transfer of uncompressed audio files
4: HD Audio resolution
5: Studio Pass support

The other night I had a basic try out with my fellow electronic musician Lars Netzel. We didn’t do any creative work but we got the basics going.
However; we both are having some issues with scanning our VST instruments in our systems. I am currently on a MacBook Pro and he’s on a PC desktop so it is not a platform issue. In my case the scanning crashes the Performer app and in his case the app doesn’t seem to scan the right location in the first place. In my case I highly suspect that that one or a few (i.e. too many) specific plugin(s) are causing the failure. We will run some more tests to sort this out within the upcoming week. We also had problems getting monitor effects running but that might be the result of me not having read the manual properly. Stay tuned!