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Out today: Ludvigson & Marchione – The Apolitical Hymn

Today a collab track I did with Håkan Ludvigson is released via the Mareld label, along with a great retexture version by Mechanist. Another remix will be released next month on another label since it was too up-tempo for the Mareld standards.

mareld102The track was originally a rough one-take I did with my Ableton Push that I was very close to deleting altogether. However; Håkan saved the idea and, after I sent him the stems, he loaded them into a Steinberg Cubase session and added his magic. The result is glitchy electronic piece in a church-like setting and the Mechanist version adds a fantastic, experimental remix with a dark, cinematic atmosphere.

Why don’t you just have a listen via Spotify, iTunes, Beatport, SoundCloud, Google Music et cetera? :)


mareld102 – Ludvigson & Marchione – The Apolitical Hymn