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Out today: Ludvigson & Marchione – The Apolitical Hymn

Today a collab track I did with Håkan Ludvigson is released via the Mareld label, along with a great retexture version by Mechanist. Another remix will be released next month on another label since it was too up-tempo for the Mareld standards.

mareld102The track was originally a rough one-take I did with my Ableton Push that I was very close to deleting altogether. However; Håkan saved the idea and, after I sent him the stems, he loaded them into a Steinberg Cubase session and added his magic. The result is glitchy electronic piece in a church-like setting and the Mechanist version adds a fantastic, experimental remix with a dark, cinematic atmosphere.

Why don’t you just have a listen via Spotify, iTunes, Beatport, SoundCloud, Google Music et cetera? :)


mareld102 – Ludvigson & Marchione – The Apolitical Hymn

Ableton Operator masterclass

Jut handed in a brand new Ableton masterclass to the editor at Musikermagasinet. In recent issues of the magazine I’ve been focusing on creating deeper introductions of the internal Live devices. This time it was the FM synth Operator‘s turn to be presented.

Ableton Operator

Ableton Operator

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