I was born in 1976 in the a city that, at least once or twice, has been called “the Swedish counterpart to Manchester”; Eskilstuna. After graduating from Mid Sweden University with a bachelor’s degree in public relations I moved to Gothenburg in 2003 and almost immediately started infiltrating the West Coast (i.e. Swedish West Coast) music and media scenes. Being an electronic musician since early nineties, being offered a job at Swedish Musicians Magazine no. 1 – Musikermagasinet – was a real milestone. Although not employed by the magazines publisher anoymore, I am still a prominent writer of both Musikermagasinet and their counterpart for pro audio/broadcast/film/stage/light: Monitor Magazine.

While I’ve always kept one feet in media business, running different musical projects has always been a passion. Apart from being a member of bands like Thermostatic, Helm, Light Parade and Stay ∆ Little While, I’m continuously involved in different projects as a producer, mixer, instrumentalist … or technical support due to the fact that 12 years writing reviews for a musicians magazine indeed turns anyone into a flesh and blood operation manual for most DAWs on the market :).